Infrared Cat Nine Lives GalaxyNG Tournament

Congratulations to Krai Smaliy (Xorry), the winner of the Nine Lives GalaxyNG Tournament.

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
 1. Jim Woodward (Illuminati)
16. bye 1. Jim Woodward (Illuminati)
 8. Gregory Flierl II (Wolves) 8. Gregory Flierl II (Wolves)
 9. Matthew Wood (Cybermen) 1. Jim Woodward (Illuminati)
 5. Richard Peiper (Vladolators) 4. Nicolò Parolini (Kzin)
12. Paul Strong (The_Scourge) 5. Richard Peiper (Vladolators)
 4. Nicolò Parolini (Kzin) 4. Nicolò Parolini (Kzin)
13. Ruben Schelstraete (Wiebekes) 4. Nicolò Parolini (Kzin)
 6. Greg Flierl (MULES) 3. Krai Smaliy (Xorry)
11. Stuart Trimby (NSF_Hobbit)11. Stuart Trimby (NSF_Hobbit)
 3. Krai Smaliy (Xorry) 3. Krai Smaliy (Xorry)
14. Ken Weinert (ChaccaCor) 3. Krai Smaliy (Xorry)
 7. John Wood (Warlock_Empire)10. José Martínez (Pedcoyes)
10. José Martínez (Pedcoyes)10. José Martínez (Pedcoyes)
 2. Antonio Paes (Clone_Empire) 2. Antonio Paes (Clone_Empire)
15. Mikle Myznikov (MikleMs)

Method of Play

Games are played between two opponents and the winner is the player with the highest effective industry at the end of 60 days. Turns will run automatically when players submit final orders or if 48 hours have passed since the previous turn. The server will check every 15 minutes to determine if a turn should be run. To indicate you are ready to run a turn, modify the first line of your orders message to read:

 #GALAXY GameName RaceName Password FinalOrders

Tournament Format

The winner of each game advances to the next round, and the loser is eliminated. In the first round players are seeded according to their ranking by industry victory points in the GalaxyNG Hall of Fame on the day the tournament begins. One or more byes may be awarded to the highest ranked players during the first round to ensure that the number of players advancing to the second round is a power of two (e.g. 64,32,16,8,4,2). Each round thereafter reduces the surviving field by half until only one undefeated player, the tournament champion, remains.


Homeworlds: 1000, 500, 250 @ 30 LY
Development Planets: 10 @ 5 LY
Stuff Planets: 50 per player


Each player may request one 4-day break per game by sending email to both the GM and the opponent at least 5 days in advance.

Substitutes are allowed for a maximum of 2 consecutive and 4 total turns per game. You must notify the GM if you plan to use a substitute.

Hall of Fame

The winner will get a lottery ticket for a chance to be on the first spaceship to travel to Alpha Centauri. All games will be worth two points in the Hall of Fame.

Nine Lives GalaxyNG Server

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